Stage 01


The Hult Founders Lab program begins with a 2-day intensive Bootcamp, where our applicants and their ideas are challenged. The Bootcamp consists of pitches, brainstorming, and 1-on-1 mentoring, to equip our Founders with clear focus and vision for there business. This is also part of a screening process where we assess the stage of each start-up and their subsequent needs.

Stage 02


Now, we get to work. To kick-off each course, our Founders start identifying the what, who, and how of their idea. We deep-dive into the free market of ideas and gather data, test our assumptions, and identify the problem hypothesis. Research is a iterative part of the program, and borrows its principles from Design Thinking.

Stage 03


We constantly test our assumptions and hypothesis by revisiting the problem and possible solutions and pivoting when needed — this is an integral part of our lean methodology.

Stage 04


Once our Founders are confident in their solution for the market, it's time to invest in building the prototype and MVP. We run a lean methodology mindset, so we move on to the execution-phase aiming for minimal cost and maximum effort.

Our Founders get multiple chances to pitch and present their ideas to potential investors, partners, and mentors during the course, depending how advanced and pro-active they are.

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