Our projects

Our projects

Spring 2021

Unity Protocol

Unity Protocol is a real estate company that aims to build or buy and upgrade companies' buildings to make them more environmentally friendly and rent them. In the future, it expects a unification and a diversification of activities fields.

Spring 2021


Gielle's purpose is to bring emotions to our customers through our unique pieces. We want every single customer to feel beautiful, trendy, confident and energetic. Creativity and dexterity, fashion and design as well as dedication and passion, art and colours, are the essence of every creation.

Fall 2019


YOUTech aims to be your Last Line of Defence by providing solutions to improve data security and confidentiality using encryption technology. Our cutting-edge innovation uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 512-bit encryption algorithm with a multi-secret key infrastructure (SKI) for end-to-end, multi-layered security solution.

Spring 2020


The mission of"re-bottle" is to bring a working plastic bottle deposit system to London and expend it to the UK in general. 
The aim is to improve and simplify the recycling system in London. The deposit system will be available in several central locations in London and will function as a reward system.

Fall 2019

Parcel Swarm

Parcel Swarm is a delivery optimization company, that aims to reinvent how parcels are sent and delivered in the light of the ever-growing e-commerce sector. Connecting online shops and delivery companies more effectively and improve efficiency significantly. We help ecommerce businesses to have cheaper and easier shipping and carriers to use their assets better, all while reducing traffic and overhead. Parcel Swarm defines the next step in last-mile-delivery. We deliver pure efficiency.

Spring 2019


27Ventures is a technology partner company. They are supporting new and existing businesses with things like creating websites, applications and other web services. You can find out more about them here.

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