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How do I apply to the program?

To apply to the Hult Founders Lab program go to myHult > Campus > Forms, and you'll find our application form.

On the application form you will find the pre-requisite courses you must have completed to be eligible for the program and all deliverables you should apply with.

Who can apply to the program?

The program is currently only available for Hult Undergraduate students on the London campus.

How does the application process work?

After sending us your application you must attend our 0-credit prep course (Bootcamp). After reviewing your application and performance at Bootcamp, we let you know your application results and whether you can move onto the 7.5 -credit part of the program.

How far along does my project idea have to be to be accepted?

You can have just an idea or even an actively operating business – we accept projects of all stages, as long as the idea meets certain viability and acceptability criteria screened during the application process.

Does Hult Founders Lab take equity from my initiative?

No, Hult Founders Lab doesn't take any equity or shares from its projects.

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