Your Idea Starts Here

Your Idea Starts Here


Start by letting us know what your idea is - we'll design the program to fit your needs.


We'll help you build your first prototype and MVP.


Ready to launch? Thanks to our many partnerships we can help you get a smooth launch.

We love what we do

Let's make your
Idea great

We'll give you all the tools necessary to make your idea successful - from idea to launch, we support your business every step of the way

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Build your Startup

"Build an asset that remains yours that allows you not only to impact your life, but others as well."

Daniel Rukare- Lead advisor

Hult Founders Lab

The Program




Expert Speakers




Week Program


Our experts will help you build your business, we have expert business leaders on call to help you.


The program begins with a 2-day intensive boot camp where teams get to hone in on what the problem they are solving is. We learn who has the problem and how to design the solution.


By the end of the 9 week program, you will have something tangible that can be brought to early investors, cornerstone partners. Some of our projects even have an MVP and are ready to launch — all of this in nine weeks.


What Our Founders say

"Taking the initiative to join HFL last semester was truly a profound eye-opener to me. I was able to work week by week with the best possible team, along with knowledgeable professors from Hult, and, additional guest speakers and business people who helped us better integrate our idea into a startup."

Renata Jardim

Founder of Bizzy

"My experience partaking in the Hult Founder’s Lab was phenomenal! My partner and I were taken care of, developed, and challenged by professors and other Founders and was given opportunities and advice from outside the HFL via startup founders, investors, etc. It helped us get YOUTech to have a proper base to work on and grow from."


Founder of YouTech

"We recommend the Hult Founders Lab anyone who has a business idea. With a variety of meetings, workshops, guest speakers and a bootcamp, HFL helps to bring any idea closer to reality. Everyone is welcome, whether they just have an idea or are already further along the road, it doesn't matter."

Olga Babenko

Founder of Re-Bottle

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